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SAT-7’s three channels, SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS and SAT-7 KIDS, can be seen in every country from Morocco to Afghanistan. Arabic, Farsi and Turkish speakers living in European countries can also view the broadcasts. Mouse over the country to find out its population and the percentage of Christians living there.

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- man from Algeria
“My life is blessed by hearing the Word of God through watching SAT-7’s programs. I used to live in darkness but since I started watching this channel I started to have a new understanding, insight, and love to God. It’s great to watch SAT-7.”
- woman from Egypt
“I am proud of SAT-7 channel which strengthens my faith in God. Whenever I watch it I have an inner witness that Christ Jesus is exalted in the entire world. “Kad Sara Gadidan”and “Vitrina” are two impressive programs.”
- man from Kuwait
“I am from Kuwait and I am glad to be one of you. I am blind and need someone to guide my heart. I am hoping to find a true and faithful person to guide me. I hope love will conquer the whole world.”
- from Syria
“SAT-7 channel makes it possible for me to hear everyday about the Life of our beloved Christ. Thank you very much for the presents I received from you. May the Lord bless you for this ministry which glorifies Him.”
- man from Europe
“Dear SAT-7 staff. Everyday my hunger and thirst for watching SAT-7programs increase through the internet. You have left impression, a real print by the Holy Spirit, in the lives of millions of your viewers. Your programs are like a path for the viewers. I would like to thank God for SAT-7 ministry. May the Lord bless you and use you for His name's glory.” (Male viewer in Belgium)