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SAT-7’s three channels, SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS and SAT-7 KIDS, can be seen in every country from Morocco to Afghanistan. Arabic, Farsi and Turkish speakers living in European countries can also view the broadcasts. Mouse over the country to find out its population and the percentage of Christians living there.

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- man from Algeria
"I would like to know the meaning of Christianity and what are the conditions for becoming a Christian. Waiting for your reply as soon as possible."
- woman from Greece
“I watch your programs from time to time & I really like them very much. SAT-7 is the only Christian Arabic channel that broadcasts to the entire Gulf & the Middle East areas. My wish & prayer for you is to be on the air even more. People, especially in the Gulf, need such Arabic channels in Arabic to know about Christ & about the love of God.”
- woman from Saudi Arabia
“I would like to express our feelings while watching SAT-7’s programs. We are very happy we are able to watch on a daily basis these diversified, nice, and non-denominational programs. We feel as if we were in a church.”
- man from UAE
“I want to know more about SAT-7 channel which l accidentally tuned to, on my digital receiver. Your programs are very nice. Could you please increase your broadcast hours? Are there any other channels that are related to SAT-7?”
- woman from
"A warm greeting to the presenters of “Foundations of a Happy Family.” I have a lot to say about your program, but I do not know how to say it. I just want to thank you very much for such a great program. Every time I watch your program I feel as if you are talking to me, discussing my problems and praying for me. I am a married women and I have three children. I got married 10 years ago. The first 5 years of my marriage were very bad, always fighting with my husband despite the fact the we love each other. We did not understand each other at all. After God came into our hearts things became much better. We were able to get closer and understand one another. I want to ask you to pray for me and my family. Pray that peace, joy and love will always be in our home.” (A young lady in Sweden)