SAT-7 TÜRK: Reaching Into the Homes of Millions of Turkish Speakers

SAT-7 TÜRK LogoIn ancient times the modern Turkish city of Istanbul was called Constantinople and its huge Hagi Sophia Church was the center of Eastern Christianity.  Today the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church still presides in Istanbul (Constantinople) but the number of Christians living in Turkey, of all major denominations including Evangelicals, is tiny.

While their numbers may be only a fraction of Turkey’s 77 million people, in many places the Turkish Churches are vibrant and growing.  These followers of Christ need help to show the wider Turkish community that it is possible to be Turkish and be a follower of Christ.

creates and broadcasts Christian programming designed to both help the wider non-Christian audience understand the beliefs and teaching of their neighbors who follow Christ, and also airs many programs designed to help teach, train and encourage the often isolated Christian community within Turkey.

SAT-7 TÜRK began airing on SAT-7 in January 2006 under the name “TURK-7.” At that time, it was an independent Christian ministry based in Turkey with an ethos which was very similar to SAT-7's.  In January 2010, TURK-7 fully merged with SAT-7, becoming SAT-7 TÜRK. SAT-7 is thrilled with this incorporation, which will allow for a more efficient sharing of resources, and a closer alignment of goals and objectives.

airs a wide variety of locally produced programming, including shows for children, youth and women, as well as many teaching programs which explain the love of Christ and support local Christians.  

is currently broadcasting 24 hours a day 7 days a week via webstreaming at:  We are diligently working to obtain a channel on Turksat satellite and will post information about this as it becomes available.

To watch a sample of SAT-7 TÜRK programming or for information in Turkish about the channel, go to