Helping Young Farsi-Speakers Face Unstable Environments

February 28, 2013
Iran and Afghanistan are young nations. Over half of their total populations are under the age of 25 and these young people wrestle with increasingly unstable environments.

A new season of the youth program, Dandelion on SAT-7 PARS is now inviting them to discuss live on-air, pressing issues that they face as a result of these environments. A volatile economy has dramatically increased the cost of living. The first episode of the season discussed how money affects personal relationships. Presenter Nikoo pointed out that the Bible instructs us not to worry, but to trust God to provide. Another episode used the topic of World Peace as a springboard to discuss the ways viewers can promote God’s peace—namely by loving and respecting one another.

Discussions about drug abuse, a common and deadly trend in Iran and Afghanistan, spanned three episodes. These episodes asked viewers why youth find refuge in drugs, the destructive social aspects of drug abuse, and how individuals can help their societies overcome the problem. Viewers were eager to call and share their experiences with abusing and quitting drugs.

Now, during this one hour weekly live program, viewers can call in on a larger television screen using Skype. The screen is part of a new set design for Dandelion. Added space gives Nikoo room to walk around the set, and the camera room for more movement. The dynamic appearance of the set and the urgency of the episode topics are making Dandelion more relevant than ever for viewers.