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SAT-7’s three channels, SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS and SAT-7 KIDS, can be seen in every country from Morocco to Afghanistan. Arabic, Farsi and Turkish speakers living in European countries can also view the broadcasts. Mouse over the country to find out its population and the percentage of Christians living there.

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- man from Algeria
"I was back home in Algeria recently. I was encouraged to see my non-believing family members watching SAT-7. During our visit to Algeria we noticed a hunger for the Word of God that I haven't seen before."
- woman from Jordan
“My life has totally changed since I started watching SAT-7’s programs which opened my eyes to God’s love and motivated me to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Many were wondering about the power that changed my life.”
- woman from Palestine
“Dear As-Sanabel. I would like to introduce myself. I am from Gaza. I am an admirer of the segment that air the songs. Please help me with ideas because I am a Sunday school teacher in my church.”
- A 22 year old man from Tunisia
"I have researched and studied various religions. When I listen to the Christian religion, I respect it so much. Please repeat the program where Billy Graham made a speech, and put on more of these interesting Christian programs."
- man from
“I am honoured to express my admiration and love to SAT-7’s spiritual program, which is of ultimate importance to our daily life. I want you to know that SAT-7’s viewers do appreciate and respect its awesome effort to spread the Word of God in the entire region. God bless you.” (A man from Morocco living in Spain)