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SAT-7’s three channels, SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS and SAT-7 KIDS, can be seen in every country from Morocco to Afghanistan. Arabic, Farsi and Turkish speakers living in European countries can also view the broadcasts. Mouse over the country to find out its population and the percentage of Christians living there.

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- woman from Algeria
“SAT-7 channel has become my preferred channel. I am working with the children and I was seeking a way to develop my knowledge, talents, and experience in this area. I found in your beautiful program, “As-Sanabel,” what I was really looking for. I want to help the poor and deprived children in my country. SAT-7 is a source of inspiration to me.”
- man from Egypt
“I am a regular viewer of SAT-7 channel. Truly, all programs are important and of great benefit to viewers, specially "Understanding God's Word,” “Gospel of the King,” “The Pope's Lectures,” “A New Dimension,” and the “Alfa" program. I like very much not only the programs content but also the guests and the preachers who do a wonderful job explaining the word of God. I also enjoy listening to Christian songs which fill our hearts with comfort, joy and hope. May God bless you”
- woman from Iraq
To "Hadith El Sobhyia." I thank God very much for this programs that enters every home and heart. I liked the episodes about "Failing in Marriage" and the Interview with the Iraqi family. I was able to learn new things about another culture. I pray that SAT-7 be a light in Iraq and to the whole world. I wish you all the best and more success. May the Lord give you new creative ideas to enlighten us.”
- woman from Syria
“We really like your daily programs. The whole family gather around the TV eagerly waiting for your starting time. We encourage you to broadcast more Arabic series that match “Thirsty Hearts”, short dramas, some of the old traditional Christian songs, which we really miss, and Bible studies.”
- woman from
“We left our home country Iraq 12 years ago and moved to the UK. SAT-7 offers to my family intimate times with the Lord. It is a channel that, as an Arab lady, I am proud of. Could you please send me a copy of the 'Jesus in Egypt' book?”