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SAT-7’s three channels, SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS and SAT-7 KIDS, can be seen in every country from Morocco to Afghanistan. Arabic, Farsi and Turkish speakers living in European countries can also view the broadcasts. Mouse over the country to find out its population and the percentage of Christians living there.

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- man from Algeria
"To SAT-7, which is like a lamp that lights the way and provides solutions through its daily programs to the different problems we face. Frankly, we had been lacking a television channel like this. We had also lacked the type of Christian songs you air. Most of the worldly songs today are morally corrupt, so we need spiritual songs to renew and increase our love for the Lord Jesus and foster Christian principles."
- A 12 year old man from Jordan
“SAT-7 is my favorite channel because it is a channel for Jesus. Thank you for your nice children’s programs. I wish your programs could reach the whole world. I think Jesus has got a great channel spreading His message of love.”
- man from Palestine
“I would like to inform you that I really appreciate your friendship and I cherish all you letters. I am a regular viewer of Pope Shenouda's program. I have also watched many others whenever my schedule allows for it. What I like most about SAT-7 is that it is a channel not only for the Christians of the Middle East but for all the Christians of the World. God bless your ministry and enlarge it to bless many.“
- man from Tunisia
"I appreciate your efforts to bring God's Word to all mankind through the use of satellites. Whenever I watch your programs, I learn something new. Your daily broadcast enables me to watch your programs more regularly. Thank you."
- A 7 year old woman from Europe
“Dear As-Sanabel. I am Egyptian. I live in Italy with my family. I am a regular viewer of the program As-Sanabel and it is very good. I would like to send big thanks and greetings to you. I am 7 years old. Thank you very much. My mother wrote the email in Arabic because I can't write in Arabic, I can only speak it.” (Young Arab girl living in Italy)