Friends Who Prepare the Way

John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ.  Did you have someone in your life who prepared your heart to know the saviour?  Perhaps it was a parent, a teacher, or a close friend who invited you to church or a Christian function?  That’s what happened to me, a friend invited me to a Christian summer camp and it changed my life.

SAT-7 seeks to be a friend to viewers—inviting them to have fun, be entertained, learn about the Bible, and to come close to the “friend who will never leave them or forsake them.”

Viewers often write us to say they would like “to be your friend.”  We gladly say “yes” and often that contact is the beginning of a dialogue in which we can encourage them to walk closer with the Lord...and they often encourage us as well!

Thank you for enabling SAT-7 to be a friend to millions of viewers, many of whom need to feel love from the Lord and other Christians.

Yours in His Service together,