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"I was waiting eagerly for your reply, and I started to lose hope, but today I received your letter and the book you sent. I read both of them the same day. I have come to understand that the moment I believed in Jesus all my mistakes and sins have been forgiven. I have also come to know that I am not the only one who loves Jesus. There are many like me who love Him. Because of my faith in the Savior Jesus, my friends started to reject me, and mock me. But when I read the Holy Bible, I sense a mighty power surrounding, protecting and encouraging me to continue what I have started. woman from Algeria

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On-air school helps educate refugee children - July 28, 2015
On-Air school launched to enable displaced Syrian and Iraqi children whose education has been disrupted by conflict to start learning again as they watch the SAT-7 KIDS satellite TV channel.
Education is a desperate need for refugee children in the Middle East, as opportunities for schooling are often scarce. UN Global Education Envoy Gordon Brown highlighted this when he called for a multi-million dollar emergency fund for education to give refugee children “the hope and opportunity it provides” and prevent future wars.