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“For the last two years, due to personal circumstances, I was not able to go to church. I feel sorry for that but I praise God for SAT-7. It’s a great Christian channel that broadcasts Biblical programs and preaches Jesus Christ. We badly need SAT-7’s excellent programs because we live far from our homeland. These programs teach us faith, patience, and perseverance. My faith in God has increased because of watching SAT-7." woman from Germany

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Arab Children Suffer ISIS Terror: SAT-7 Responds - October 22, 2014
As ISIS continues to threaten and when possible systematically kill Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria, families are fleeing with nothing more than the clothing on their backs. Having lost relatives, homes, livelihoods and their life savings, they are now scraping by to survive in tents at refugee camps. Innocent children are the most vulnerable victims of these atrocities, losing precious years of their childhood to war.