Day of Prayer 2016

Day Of Prayer  

Welcome to SAT-7 Day of Prayer - 6th November 2016

Millions of refugee children have no access to education. Young adults who shape the next generation are being denied their academic opportunities. Multitudes of people have been displaced from their homes and many have fled to neighbouring countries to find relative security, but sadly, many don't have any access to basic education. SAT-7 is Answering the Cry for Education through engaging and interactive programming that is available free-to-air.

This year we ask you to please join with thousands of Christians across the globe on Sunday, 6 November 2016 to pray for SAT-7 to continue to be a trusted educational resource for millions across the Middle East and North Africa.

Day of Prayer Poster


Please encourage as many as possible to join with us in their churches, house groups, Christian events and other places where Christians gather together.

Announce the SAT-7 Day of Prayer by downloading, printing and sharing the A3 poster. You can download it here. You can also download a Postcard that you can send to Churches, friends, and family. Please download it here.

Click here to download the Prayer Guide.

You also have the opportunity to send us email and request printed posters and cards at