Day of Prayer


Welcome to SAT-7 Day of Prayer - 2nd November 2014! People around the world have been watching the Middle East and North Africa this year, to see what will follow the revolutions, unrest and uncertainty. With so many political regimes being overthrown this past year, there has been much fear and worry by the almost 20 million Christians in the MENA region. Fear that what little religious freedom they have will be taken from them and worry as to what the next leader will do to them and their families. 


We have also watched as countries like Syria, where hundreds of thousand of people have lost their homes, businesses and even their lives.   We have been especially touched by the plight of the women and girls who have been displaced, torchered and killed in the midst of all the violence in the region.  Therefore, SAT-7 invites you to join with us in prayer specifically regarding these issues that the women and girls of this region face every day. We believe that God wants to pour out His love on them, so please join with us as we pray for the women and girls of the Middle East and North Africa to receive the Father's great love and protection for them.

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