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Dear SAT-7. Brotherly greetings to everyone overseeing this wonderful site. As a matter of fact I came across this site by mere chance while using one of the search engines. I work at an internet café, and I never knew that Christianity is such a beautiful religion. Navigating through your site helped me correct many of the misconceptions and wrong ideas I had about the Christian faith and about "Christ". In reality I realized that I desperately need to know more about Christianity hoping to be delivered from the aimless and hopeless life I presently live.” man from Morocco

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55 Years after closure, Turkish Protestant Church reopens 50 kilometres from ISIS territory. - November 20, 2015
Christians of all denominations have celebrated the reopening of a Protestant church only 50 kilometres from where churches have been bombed by so-called Islamic State (IS). Located just 30 kilometres from the Syrian border, the Protestant Church in Mardin, south-eastern Turkey, rang to the praises of a packed congregation some 55 years after persecution and migration forced its closure.