Impacting Lives

“I have been in touch with SAT-7 for many years. I watch with great interest your fantastic programs, which basically emphasize the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. SAT-7’s style, values, and principles fit all nationalities, different ages, men and women. Your programs enlighten the way; call people to seek after righteousness, and urge them to draw closer to Christ the only Healer in the midst of this angry and difficult age. I wish you more viewers in the entire world by broadcasting through the different satellites that cover the five continents.” man from Lebanon

Latest News

SAT-7 needs support - April 21, 2015
Right now SAT-7 is in a very difficult cash-flow situation. There was a significant deficit in the ministry’s core funding in 2014 which produced a negative net result for 2014, of -$679,000 (-617,000 Euro).