TV Terminology

Dear Friend of SAT-7,

Allow me to introduce you to some TV terminology:

"Traffic" is often a term used to describe automobiles congesting a roadway (a constant problem in Cairo!).  But in the television industry, "traffic" is defined as the way in which programs, commercial spots , announcements and other video elements are moved from a production center, to storage (usually on tape or digital formats) and then onto the screen at exactly the time they are scheduled to broadcast.

In television (as in over-crowded cities) sometimes the "traffic" systems need to be upgraded or replaced.  Unfortunately, SAT-7’s aging computer system for traffic control, which was created for a single channel, is now so inadequate that it’s becoming a nightmare to operate (perhaps your city has a similarly nightmarish traffic system!).

The issue has become so acute that we’ve decided to order a new "Broadcast Traffic System—BTS" in spite of the fact that this 2010 has been a financially challenging year.  We believe the Lord will provide for our needs and the needs of our viewers.  Eventually this BTS system, costing thousands of dollars, will facilitate a more cost effective operation for SAT-7, and help us make maximum use of our production archives and produce a better viewer experience for the millions who watch our four current channels.

I ask for your prayers that the transition between our old system and the new one (which will take about two months) will go smoothly—because we certainly don’t want it to become as confusing for our staff or for our viewers (as some road construction projects are for drivers!).  We also need prayers that the funding needed to pay for this critical infrastructure upgrade will be donated.

This systems upgrade will pave the way for even more exciting ministry developments which I will share with you soon!

Thank you for your prayers and support.  Because of them, we don’t expect many detours!


In His Service Together,

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