Seeing Jesus Clearly

This next week Christians around the world will remember Christ’s death and resurrection.  It will be reenacted in various “Passion Plays” ranging from animated tales, to puppet shows, to people allowing real nails to be hammered into their own flesh to commemorate Christ’s death on the cross (an horrific annual tradition in part of the Philippines).

Perhaps we can take a moment for ourselves, and imagine that we are one of the two criminals hanging on a cross alongside Christ.  God’s word says “all have sinned” (Rom 3:23) and that the “punishment of sin is death” (Rom 6:23).  Therefore we all deserve to be put to death like those first century criminals.  But will we be like the first criminal who doubted Christ’s authenticity and challenged him to “prove himself to be the Messiah?”  Or, will be we like the second criminal who realized that he was a sinner, deserving of his punishment and then cried out for Jesus to save his soul?

This is a choice millions of people across the world face every day.  In the Arab, Persian and Turkish worlds, great multitudes of people know that Jesus walked the earth and yet they do not recognise Him as God’s Son, who came to save the world from sin.  However, because of the miracle of God’s grace, the eyes of some are being opened so they can see Christ as He truly is, and many are crying out to Him for salvation.

Thank you for enabling SAT-7 to help the multitudes better see and understand the love of God.  Your gifts and prayers make it possible for our teams this Easter season, and throughout the year, to explain why Christ died and to demonstrate that he is alive today.


Yours in His Service Together,  



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