Program descriptions

Here are descriptions of a few programs currently being broadcast on SAT-7 ARABIC. Many of the programs include links where you can go and view a sample.

Live Current Affairs Programming:
When violence erupts in the region, what do Middle EastNafithaDiscussion.jpgern Christian leaders think? What do they tell their congregations? When their own communities are the victims of these attacks, how do they respond? These questions are examples of the kinds of hot topics which regularly surface in the Middle East and North Africa, but for many years local Christians had only limited access to local media, so they had little opportunity to express their opinions to a wide audience and to show how Christ gave them a different perspective on daily events. SAT-7 provides a window through which local Christian leaders can give their opinions on important topics impacting their communities. Each week SAT-7 gathers Christian leaders and experts on a wide variety of topics together to discuss an important topic in the region, providing video reports on the topic and giving viewers the opportunity to send in their comments or questions live on the air. These current affairs programs are very popular and help Christians show how the life of Christ can impact not only their personal lives, but entire nations. These programs also draw in a wide audience who enjoy discussing important issues and are often surprised to hear the Christian perspective on the issue.

Watch a sample of SAT-7's current affairs program on our Arabic website. Scroll down to the video player.

Youth Programming (TV Magazine & One Hour Youth) Around 60% of the peopleOne Hour Youth living in the Middle East and North Africa are under the age of 25. This huge demographic holds the key to the future of the region. But because of economic disillusionment, antiquated education systems, and lack of political freedoms, many young people living in the area are despondent and susceptible to radical ideas. Some join extremist groups as they search for purpose and meaning in their lives. SAT-7 wants the millions of young people in its audience to know that Jesus provides purpose and that the Christian life can be one of adventure and fulfillment. That is the spirit behind its youth programs—One Hour Youth and TV Magazine. These programs are made of different segments such as group discussions among youth who talk about their frustrations and fears but who are finding answers and help through their relationship with Christ. Other segments include drama, interviews, testimonies, reports, and reviews on secular films but examining them from a Christian perspective. These SAT-7 programs for youth provide important and practical information presented in a way that grabs young people’s attention and help them see that God has a plan and a purpose for their lives.

Watch a sample of "TV Majelleh"

Watch a sample of "One Hour Youth"


Women’s Programming (All the World)

According to research conducted by the United Nations Human Development Report,All the World (Kol El Dunia) women in the Middle East and North Africa trail the developed world in most major categories including in education, employment and security. Some researches believe nearly a third of all women in this region have been physically abused at some point in their lives. SAT-7 seeks to support the women of the region, giving them tools not only to survive, but to succeed. “All the World” is a daily program on SAT-7 with many segments including interviews with successful Christian women, discussions of how women can deal with issues such as abuse in their homes, confronting drug use among their children, providing tools to improve their marriages, bible study segments and practical skills such as showing women their legal rights, all designed to help the female audience members improve their lives in spiritual and practical ways. Producers of this program hope to begin broadcasting live in the future so more viewers can ask their questions live and receive answers immediately.

Watch a sample of "All the World" (Be sure to scroll down to the video player.)


Mail W Email

“How do we know we can trust the Bible? Do Christians believe in three Gods? MyMail And Email friend lied about me and really upset me, what should I do about it?”

These are the kinds of questions viewers across the Middle East regularly ask. The program “Mail W Email” is designed to answer questions have, on many topics. Each week producers choose a question or two mailed or emailed in by viewers. Then they invite to the program a theologian, Christian leader, or expert on the topic to explore the answers. The guests provide spiritual insight, as well as practical applications to the topics by describing their own life experiences. This program provides vital information to help Christian viewers, and Muslim members of the audience, better understand the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

Watch a sample of "Mail and Email"


Bible Study Programs

Every day SAT-7 ARABIC broadcasts a number of Bible Study programs, beginning with a devotional hour each morning that includes music and Bible readings. Other Bible teaching progams air at different parts of the day.

See a sample of "Biblical Faith" a program hosted by different Bible teachers.

See a sample of "Light in the World"


New Family Situation Comedy (Faces in a Family)

TV viewers love comedy, and funny stories are often the best way to get across anFacesInAFamily important lesson to an audience. That’s the concept behind “Faces in a Family” a SAT-7 situation comedy that stars some well known Lebanese actors. In this program a well-to-do family of five, this includes three children (17 year old, 14 year old Rogee, and 10 year old Samar). They are confronted with real challenges, and also with the sometimes unhelpful advice and antics of silly relatives and friends—including a surrogate uncle who drives the oldest taxi in town. The family members learn from each other and from God’s word as they cope with the struggles of life. Viewers also learn valuable lessons while at the same time see the joy family has as they live their Christian lives together.