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“I have been in touch with SAT-7 for many years. I watch with great interest your fantastic programs, which basically emphasize the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. SAT-7’s style, values, and principles fit all nationalities, different ages, men and women. Your programs enlighten the way; call people to seek after righteousness, and urge them to draw closer to Christ the only Healer in the midst of this angry and difficult age. I wish you more viewers in the entire world by broadcasting through the different satellites that cover the five continents.” man from Lebanon

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Egypt - The Church is More Beautiful Now - September 1, 2014
"The Church is more beautiful now," says Bishop Makarios who, one year ago, saw many churches in Upper Egypt attacked or razed to the ground. But he is speaking about the living, breathing, worshipping Church that resolved to go on loving their neighbors despite all that happened. Dave Mann, Marketing and PR Officer for SAT-7 UK, reports from Egypt: