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"Firstly, I would like you to know that I enjoy watching As-Sanabel program to the extent that sometimes I postpone doing my homework to watch this edifying program, because it offers spiritual education and interesting games that fill the heart with joy. "Secondly, I hope to be a new friend of the program and I like to introduce myself, I am MA, I am a student in my final year at school and I believe that after finishing the High school and university, I will serve God in Sunday school. woman from Egypt

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Freedom to think, freedom to believe - April 28, 2016
“If ‘truth is the first casualty of war’ then it is amazing that there are any media channels left in the Middle East that still purvey truth!” SAT-7 founder, Dr Terence Ascott (pictured below), made this comment in the light of World Press Freedom Day on 3 May.