All Means Possible

“I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel…”

1 Corinthians 9:22-23

Do you remember when the Lord first touched your heart?  Was it possibly in a Sunday School class where you were so moved that you wanted to learn more about God? Could it have been when one of your parents prayed for you, or when you saw a friend’s life turned around by their new-found faith?  Or perhaps it was after you had become an adult and saw a majestic landscape that made you marvel at the Creator’s power?  For me, it was when a school friend invited me to attend a Christian summer camp, one that changed my life forever.  God uses many means to reach and draw us to His side.

Sometimes people ask me “What kind of programs does SAT-7 broadcast – Christian teaching programs, or evangelistic shows, or what?”  The truth is that, while we try to  broadcast “all things to all men,” we never know what program or part of a program the Holy Spirit may chose to use in a person’s life!

I remember an incident, after a terrible car bombing in Baghdad, when we were asking the Christian viewers of our channel to pray for the people of Iraq. It was a sincere appeal to believers…but we got a phone call from a man in Algeria, someone who had never been in a church – but who was so moved by our concern for the people in Iraq that he wanted to know more about a relationship with Christ, and asked for a New Testament.  

On any given day, on any of SAT-7’s four channels, you can view cartoons, films, talk shows, documentaries, devotional programs, music videos, game shows, teaching, reenactments of testimonies, and much more. Each program speaks uniquely to someone and you can read more about how God is working through some of these programs in the news items below.

SAT-7 just celebrated its 14th anniversary of broadcasting (on May 31st). And I was fourteen when my friend took me to the Christian summer camp in England, where God first touched my life.  Thank you for praying for this ministry, that God would use “all possible means” on our different channels that He “might save some.” 


In His Service Together,

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