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“Dear SAT-7. The program "Champions of Faith" reflects the Spirit of the Bible. The different stories presented reveal how the submission of the men of God, each in his time and culture, has made of them real champions of faith. The idea of the program is excellent! I have been listening to many episodes through "TWR" radio and now I need some information as to how to enjoy watching it through the internet. Could you please let me know if the program is aired both on TV and the internet at the same time or not?" man from Morocco

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Victor - hope after tragedy - November 17, 2014
Two-and-a-half years ago, Victor Wissa (34) faced the triple tragedy of losing his wife and the twins she was carrying in childbirth. It was a devastating time. Yet, this gentle man who seems always to have a kind smile, says experiencing God’s comfort and healing from his loss has transformed how he is able to support other SAT-7 viewers who undergo similar pain.