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“Dear As-Sanabel. I am the mother of two children, and would like to congratulate you for the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus. We pray that the Lord bless you and enlarge your territories. My daughters love SAT-7 KIDS and they eagerly and regularly watch it especially the Christmas programs and the songs. Happy New Year, I pray that this year will be filled with blessings in the name of Jesus.” woman from Jordan

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Refugee children encourage SAT-7 KIDS presenter - January 26, 2015
SAT-7 KIDS presenter Essam Nagy – known as Mr Know from the show Why is That? visited camps for internally displaced people in Iraq. “I thought people would be miserable. The children miss their school and their friends but they are so full of hope… This is not denial. They talked about ISIS; one youngster said, "I will never react to what they have done to me; Instead, I will pray that they feel the forgiveness of God in their hearts," said Essam Nagy after the visit.